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We’re Empathy For All Animals

We exist to help make this world a more compassionate place.

Cow and Calf

Our Mission

A better world for All

Empathy for All Animals’ mission is to end the exploitation and cruelty towards animals, primarily farm
animals. We incorporate education, vegan awareness resources, film, and build community to end
speciesism. Our goal is to create empathy for all species.


Through documentaries, Youtube videos, podcasts, resources, books, and more. We also give support for individuals switching to a plant-based diet and vegan lifestyle.

Little Lamb


All species deserve a life; free of exploitation, cruelty, use, and abuse.

A Voice

We are here to give a voice for those who are not given the right to live peacefully. We are here to show the world that humans are not the only species who feel and who have wants and needs.

Wild Icelandic Horses